How about taking advantage of the arrival of the cold to do that cleaning in the environments of your home?

In the kitchen

1. Unopened pots, lids without pots and pots that you have not used for months

Let’s be honest: you do not need so many pots like that.

2. Bottles of drink you’ve won and never took

The end of the year is a great time to use these bottles. If not, donate or give someone a gift!

3. Sachets of sauce

You know, those who came with the food you asked for in August?

4. Electronics you did not play in the last year

Unless your New Year’s resolution is to get them all out of the closet and put them into practice, they no longer have room for them in your kitchen.

5. Frozen food piling up in your freezer

Are you going to use them for some year-end recipe? Are you going to eat them in the next few days? So this food is not for you.

In the living room and in the office

6. Old cell phones and chargers

No, you do not need them and no, they probably will not cost you much in the future. Remember to discard them in the right place.

7. That remote that was lost

Did you stop using it? Did you throw the respective electronic out? Say goodbye to control too.

8. Cables you have not used for years

Seriously, do you know what these cables were for?

9. Old magazines

Unless you collect magazines (in a healthy way), it is no use to accumulate copies. Save your favorites and think about how to use them in décor.

10. Books That Can not Fit Nowhere

11. VHS tapes

This is worth especially for movies. Save your home recordings, but with the condition of scanning them as soon as possible.

12. Old receipts, cards and gift papers

Update the spend spreadsheet and throw the rest away.

In the bathroom

13. Products you have not used in months

Worth for shampoos, conditioners, creams and other small things. If it will not really use, throw away or donate.

14. Your sanitary brush

Time to change it for a new one!

15. Overdue remedies

No, the expiration date of a remedy should not be a conspiracy for you to buy more. Replace!

16. Makeup that has expired or has not been used in a long time.

It’s okay to have makeup to wear at special events, but always check the expiration date and see if you’re really going to use the product.

17. Any kind of free samples …

… that you did not even remember that you had.

In the bedroom and in the closet / closet

18. Shoes that are too old, too worn or that you have not worn in a long time

Do not accumulate things you will not use: this disorganizes the home and has other people who need them more than you do.

19. Party dresses

Unless you truly go dress it again in some realistic event, it does not have to be in your closet.

20. Parts with blemishes that can not be taken

Have you tried it several times, but nothing works? Time to donate the piece.

21. Very old, grimy or pierced socks

Seriously, you do not need them.

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