In a perfect world a pampered housewife can make sure that no one wears shoes at home, pets and children never get rid of rugs and carpets with mud and dust and that no one eats at home to avoid unwanted stains on the living room carpet. But in the real world we all know that accidents happen and that later or earlier will spot an inevitable ruin completely the beauty of your carpet or carpet favorite.

We have all been victims of inconvenient stains of dirt and odors that stubbornly remain on carpet and carpets. These are experts in attacking when you least expect them and clinging to your carpets for a lifetime, no matter how much you scrub and scrape to eliminate them.

To win this type of battle you need some homemade tips that have been passed down from generation to generation. Remember that in the past cleaning carpets and rugswas done without using modern vacuum cleaners and chemicals, so why not continue to use these home-made tips that certainly still work today?

So get to know some of these timeless tips.

Remove stains


Many of us know how difficult it is to eliminate a very sturdy and deeply entangled stain on the delicate fibers of a rug or carpet. Often we even gave up this difficult task and ended up trying to rearrange the furniture of the ward in an attempt to hide the stubborn stain. But there are homemade ways that can help us with this task.

If it’s just a small stain, maybe a little water and a clean cloth might be the best cleaning option. However, more complicated stains like red wine or animal urine may call for a stronger solution. But do not worry, because the solution is closer than you think: in your bathroom!

Who would have thought that shaving cream was a gentle and effective way to clean carpet stains. But it’s true, just use a bit of shaving cream with a small brush or shaving brush and gently rub the stain to entrain. Then use a damp clean cloth or sponge to wipe the carpet surface and remove any traces of the cream. To finish, use a white or non-dyed cloth to absorb excess liquid and moisture. Let it dry.

Eliminate odors

Over time, carpets and carpets begin to accumulate odors. Odors from pets, tobacco, and food smells and environments can be very difficult to eliminate. Mix two parts of cornmeal with a piece of borax (also known as sodium borate or sodium tetraborate). Then spray this mixture generously on the carpet or carpet to be cleaned. Let the mixture work for one hour and then aspirate.

A faster method of carpet cleaning is to spray the carpet or carpet with baking soda, and vacuum as soon as possible.

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