Do you know how to clean dog pee and remove the bad smell from the place? If your furry wont make a pee flood through every corner of your home, this article is a good place for you to find out what can be done about it. Let’s talk a bit about how to clean canine dirt at home, especially when it happens exactly where it could not.

Learn how to clean dog pee.

How to Clean Dog Pee – There are many reasons that can lead a dog to pee in inappropriate places. Do pee on the rug is very common for dog puppies because not yet learned to make their needs in place allowed. It can also happen with males who like to mark their territory after a walk, a visit, or even to get their attention. This is why it is very important for you to know how to clean dog pee to help with your dog’s training.

Note that there are some rules for learning how to clean dog pee , as not all of the products we use that promise to eliminate the smell of carpet pee or upholstery actually fulfill their purpose. In fact, some products potentiate the odor of urine and can make your dog feel even more the smell of pee on the carpet, so he will resort to the “mistake” because his beacon will make him believe that it is the right thing to do . That is why it is very important to learn how to clean dog pee and thus, to  remove all the smell of urine from the environment, so that your dog does not get used to doing his needs in this place.

When your dog pees out of place, it is important to know how to clean dog pee!

Maintaining environmental hygiene is essential to educate the puppyearly on, so that it does not acquire habits that will be difficult to change in the future. Note that since puppies, puppies associate pee to specific odors and consequently they will return to this place to make their needs. If these scents are impossible to eliminate, you may have pee surprises out of place from time to time. So you need to learn  how to clean dog pee .

Knowing how to clean pee and poop completely is critical so your dog will not be marking unwanted places all over his house. Usually dogs choose more peripheral places to make their needs, places where there is no great movement, after all they also have their references of cleaning, however they are generally not very equivalent to ours and the dogs end up dirtying just that corner of the house that is more important to you.

Imagine that dogs are famous for their super-smell , unbelievably superior to ours, so this carpet, carpet, floor or upholder cleaning has to be really nice, because sometimes it may seem neat for you but for it definitely you did not perform his work properly.

But do not forget, no matter how annoying it is to have to clean dog pee, he certainly did not do it badly and you should not rub his snout on the pee or poo, nor fight with him to the screams. he may even make a guy who seems to have understood the scolding, but in fact only realized that you got angry. Broncas in puppies can trigger traumas, very difficult to reverse. Explain to him that it is wrong to say “ugly dog” and attach the dog to the place where his needs are allowed. Leave him there for some time, watching constantly. Only after he has done his needs in the right place, do you congratulate the dog. So he will begin to learn through positive reinforcement. Always praise your dog when he hits the spot where you can pee. I guarantee it works perfectly.

Learn How To Clean Dog Pee - How To Clean Dog Pee

How To Clean Dog Pee

How about learning how to clean dog pee by eliminating urine stains and then teaching your four-legged little friend to pee in the place you approve of?

There are some important issues to note when the problem is that our dog ends up doing poop or pee in the wrong place. The biggest problem, of course, is the waste that ends up being left in place, which is often difficult to clean. The biggest issue in these cases is the odor of difficult removal, which eventually help your dog to resort to error other times. It is also important to consider the other inevitable factors that end up occurring, such as stains, the slippery floor and the bacteria that end up concentrating on the spot.

This puppy’s mistake of pooping or peeing in the wrong place , as you may suspect, can occur for many different reasons. The reasons may vary from the age of the dog, such as if he is a learning pupil and still can not control the bladder and bowel like adult dogs, or other problems that can also cause this type of error. Sick or sick dogs may also end up resorting to mistakes like these, and in this case a visit to the vet may be recommended. But other than age other problems can also be related like dog pooping and peeing at inappropriate times or places. For example, dogs that are difficult to socialize, frightened, traumatized or even very lonely can exhibit this type of behavior.

However, regardless of the specific problem that is causing this undesirable behavior, it will be necessary to clean up the dirt your friend is doing, not only to take care of that beautiful rug or the wood floor you like so much, but mainly to prevent the your furry resort to error because of the residue and stench that dirt can leave on the spot.

Here’s how to clean dog pee and learn some tips to eliminate the smell of urine, which is the first step for your canine friend not to resort to error.

How to Clean Puppy Pee

How to Clean Puppy Pee

To learn how to clean dog pee off the floor , the most important tip is that you never use ammonia to clean dog pee , because instead of neutralizing the smell of urine, it intensifies and also leads the dog to resort to error because the smell of ammonia to the dog is the same as the urine, making everything a big mess in your hairy head. And the reason is quite easy to understand: the ammonia from the cleaning product is also present in the canine urine, and therefore the smells end up getting confused. Some pet product companies offer natural and non-toxic alternatives to urine removal. These products can be found in pet shops.

On the other hand, there are ways to clean dog pee with the products we have at home. The most important thing is to clean the pee on time, as it is very easy to remove. The longer you wait, the more bacteria will grow and the odor will become stronger and harder to remove, and of course, that strong odor will make your hairy hair fall into the wrong spot, always in the same spot.

First dry the place using towels, cloths, paper towels or even newspaper. This is an important tip, because the more urine you can absorb from the site before cleaning, the better the end result will be. Try to press the towels or cloths in place as much as possible to increase the urine absorption power and use as many towels or paper as necessary. When the cloths have absorbed as much urine as possible, it is time to start cleaning the place.

The best way to begin cleaning is to use a little vinegar dissolved in water, which in addition to neutralizing the odor of urine, will leave the site free of mites. One tip, to clean the floor and leave a nice perfume by the house, is to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to three liters of water, a little alcohol and a liquid detergent cap. Another great option for cold floors is bleach, eliminates the smell completely, but some animals may be allergic, so it should be completely eliminated from the floor. If the floor is marble instead of vinegar, use two tablespoons of yeast, which neutralizes the odors and disinfect it is the same vinegar, but is likely to damage the floor. It is also not good to use bleach if the floor is marble. If the puppy is a puppy, a simple cleaning with a cloth or sponge and then a clean with this solution will suffice. The puppy grannyhas a much less strong odor and is therefore easier to remove . If the dirty urine is a cushion or mattress, be sure to remove them from the sofa or bed to begin cleaning, and reattach them in place only after they have dried.

How to Clean Puppy Pee

How to Clean Puppy Pee

If your dog pees on the carpet or carpet , you can dry the stain with a towel soaked in even pure white vinegar, placing a cloth under the rug to protect the floor. The vinegar will neutralize the pee avoiding not only the stain, but also absorbing the odors. Avoid rubbing the stain because you can distort the carpet fibers (See below for the best ways to remove urine stains from carpets and rugs)

For the removal of waste urine and faeces from smooth surfaces such as hardwood flooring is easier. The first step is to thoroughly clean the floor with cloths or towels in order to absorb all the urine, always being very careful not to ruin the floor, especially in the case of wooden carpets or similar waxed. To clean, simply a solution of water and detergent and a clean cloth. Then dry thoroughly. One tip is to use a product with special enzyme inhibitor for woods, which can be sprayed in place after drying.

When you clean the urine of your furry with old towels, ideally leave them separate from the rest of the household linen, so that they can be used again if necessary. An important tip for washing these towels so they can be reused is to wash them separately, adding vinegar to the soap when washing them. the vinegar is not only used to remove the odor of urine, but is also bactericidal and ends up being an aid in the cleaning of these tissues.

How to Clean Dog Pee – Stains on Carpets and Rugs

A good way to remove peeling stains from carpets and rugs is to use a vinegar solution (it can be white wine or apple vinegar) with hot water, being a part of vinegar for 3 of water. Carefully spread this solution on the site of the urine stain and then sprinkle baking soda in place until all stain is covered. The baking soda will absorb all the liquid and even helps to disinfect the place. Never use talc, flour or corn starch, which may even serve to remove other stains, but not urine.

Remember to never use steam cleaning to remove the urine from the carpetbecause the heat will transfer the urine to the carpet fibers. Another alternative to cleaning dog pee is to use vinegar to remove urine stains on carpet or carpet , and then wash with cold water, dry and rinse with an antiseptic.

Sounds like a bit of work, right? And it is in many cases, especially in the case of adult animal urine cleaning has to be neat even, otherwise there is always the possibility that we end up losing a good carpet, since our furry friends have a remarkable nose, and can any urine residue in places like these. Carpets and rugs are much more difficult even when it comes to removing dirt, especially in the case of liquid residues that persist in the room, allowing our four-legged friends to smell the scum.

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