Avoid accidents during cleaning tasks

Do you know how to behave during the cleaning of your home to avoid accidents? Some postures are simple, but they can make all the difference. Check it!

Taking care of cleaning the house is part of the routine of many people and the tasks range from dusting furniture to cleaning floors, toilets and kitchen. At times, we are already so accustomed to doing them, that we do not value safety standards.

Have you ever stopped to think how much you risk handling certain chemicals? Ever wondered if you could have an accident doing the cleaning as usual? Here are some tips to avoid small “disasters” at home .

Floor cleaning

Washing the kitchen floor, bathroom, waxing the balcony or similar surfaces has an effect on the floor grip. During cleaning, you should opt for a type of shoe that does not slip . It is the easiest way to avoid falls and injuries.

In addition, it is important to indicate that the surface is moist so that no unsuspecting ones get in and get hurt. Companies specializing in cleaning have “wet floor” signposts. At home, you can choose to block access to the room with a chair, for example:

Hanging on the windows trying to reach the extreme points can end in tragedy. All occupational safety professionals advise against this. Remember that in the market there are specific extension cords for this type of task. And there will always be the option to hire the services of a company specializing in glasses .

Children at home

Did you know that most household accidents with children could be avoided? When talking about cleaning environments, the key is to prevent children from having access to the chemicals used.

So store them in lockers that children can not reach. Always remember not to leave the containers open while cleaning. In this way, you help prevent accidental ingestion of toxic products.

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