In order to achieve professional cleanliness with the utmost excellence, a simple way is to consider the four variable factors of the well-known Sinner circle – mechanical action, chemical action, temperature, and time.

In order to perform a complete professional cleaning it is necessary that the work is carried out with the least cost and in the shortest time possible. In addition to efficiency , it is fundamental that the result is ecologically correct and does not cause inconvenience to those who contract the service. For this, the company has to consider the four variable factors that result in the well-known Sinner circle – mechanical action, chemical action, temperature, and time.

A simple formula , which serves to elucidate the model that any cleaning action should follow. These factors can be combined differently, according to the need for cleaning and existing dirt, the surface to be cleaned and the means available to perform the action. The objective is to be able to reduce the time factor without increasing the others , as a consequence of the optimization of the techniques used.

In fact, each action requires a concrete formula. Therefore it is fundamental to know each variable deeply , to always perform a quality cleaning, without causing any damage to the surface treated.

  • Mechanical action : corresponding to the action of eliminating the dirt itself. It can be manual , for example the movement of the hand that passes a cloth to eliminate the dust, or mechanical , in the case of using a machine or specific equipment to carry out the activity, as can be the bristles of a sweep. In this sense, it is fundamental to know perfectly the tools that can be used in professional cleaning, because the improper use can cause a rapid deterioration of the surfaces.
  • Chemical action : it comprises the set of chemical products that must be used for each type of cleaning and conservation action. This is one of the fundamental factors, since it is always necessary to choose the product that best suits the type of cleaning , while not using it at the doses recommended by the manufacturers. This is the only way to get the best results, without compromising surfaces or harming people’s health.
  • Temperature : influences the efficiency of the easy when there is grease in the dirt, for example, some care is needed. There are surfaces that can not withstand high temperatures.
  • Time : it is influenced by the type of surface to be cleaned, by the accumulated dirt, the product to be used (all require a minimum time for the action) and also if a manual cleaning or with some type of machine will be used.
  •  chemical used, although it is not a very determinant factor. Although cleaning is

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