We have identified 4 main items that will contribute to the correct decision making when outsourcing the cleaning functions of your company. Check out the tips:


By having the partnership of a qualified company that dedicates itself exclusively to the conservation and cleaning, the quality level will rise to the heights. And this quality is even related to the investment made by the provider in search of better results. Think about it: Because it’s not the focus of your business, it’s extremely unlikely that you will devote too many resources to the industry, right? And this investment directly reflects the quality of cleanliness.

In addition, in the case of shortages, something very common in this sector, the contracted company can count on a reserve team, which allows to quickly make the replacement of the missing employee, not leaving the cleaning company unattended.


Precisely because of the level of specialization of its activity, some outsourced cleaning service providers can provide much more efficiency in the works. This is because they can rely on their own methods and processes, as well as results-focused management. In this way, it may be easier for the outsourced company to achieve the maximum productivity of the team, consequently leading to better results.


By outsourcing the cleaning service, you can devote attention and time to the business, directing all efforts and resources to what is really important for your growth.

Imagine, for example, a mall. Without the outsourcing of cleaning services, the business would have to stop making improvements in the food court to be able to guarantee hygiene within certain standards. The same goes for your company. Being able to offer exclusive dedication to your business, the greater the focus and the better the results.


Outsourcing reduces the costs of the company, and this is one of the main advantages. Outsourcing conservation and cleanliness, the company spends less on wasted products, machinery, and equipment, in addition to having a lower cost with terminations, employee turnover, vacation replacement and shortages. Labor liabilities are reduced drastically and there is a much greater predictability of the monthly costs that are established through the contracts entered into with the contractors.

In addition, a specialized cleaning and maintenance company has a greater knowledge of the processes, which allows for greater productivity or gains in scale, or with the application of specific procedures and training and/or the use of the correct equipment and machinery. By outsourcing cleaning, the contracting company is not required to follow the industry-specific collective agreements in which it operates nor equate specific benefits of the administrative area, which can generate significant cost reductions.

At the same time, indirectly, companies can also reduce the cost of outsourcing cleaning by reducing the HR structure and personnel department, by not having to engage with hiring / firing employees or managing payroll, benefits and aspects related to job security.

Outsourcing the conservation and cleanliness of your company guarantees more quality, efficiency, dedication to your business and optimization of costs, as well as reducing the risks of labor lawsuits. For this, remember, it is very important to choose the right provider, so that the entire contract is fulfilled as planned.

In short, outsourcing may be the best option for your business as a whole. Got any questions? Contact us.

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