Do you want to clean the oven but can not stand the detergent chemicals? Here are the tips to clean the oven in complete safety, using natural remedies as an alternative to industrial products.

Of all the appliances we have in the kitchen, the oven is the one we clean less frequently. So it happens that to remove the dirt and incrustations quickly we end up using the chemicals on the market, undoubtedly efficient but not sustainable and, if not used well, even harmful to our health and the foods we cook.

The five methods to clean the oven in a natural way

There are many natural remedies to remove dirt and encrustations from the oven, without wasting money on harmful and polluting chemicals. We offer you the most effective, whose action is even more potent than industrial detergents. Vinegar, bicarbonate, salt, and lemon are ecological and biodegradable products that work perfectly as degreasers to remove scale.

White vinegar

Heat the water in a saucepan and then add a glass of vinegar. When the water begins to boil, move the pot in the oven turned on at 150 ° C. Leave it there for about 15 minutes so that the smell and the vapor of the vinegar spread throughout the oven and then bring it out so that you cool. With a sponge start to remove the dirt: the steam and the substances of vinegar will make you remove everything.


Proceed like for vinegar: warm water and lemon inside the oven. Then rub the walls by dipping a sponge in the pan and rubbing the walls. In addition to cleaning, you will have an excellent lemon scent.

Bicarbonate and coarse salt

Mix the two ingredients in equal proportions. Then add some water to create a semi-solid solution and pass the mixture on to all the walls of the oven. Leave for about an hour and then rinse thoroughly.


Use the scraper and not the sponge for the most challenging encrustations. This spatula helps you remove even the most stubborn dirt. Use this tool after entering the ingredients we have written; you will see how quickly you will clean your oven.

Natural liquid detergent

To prepare a natural liquid detergent, you can use 230 gr. of Marseille soap grated natural, 2 cups of baking soda, water. Take a saucepan that can hold a liter and a half of water. After grating the soap put the saucepan full of water on the stove (medium-low). Slowly add a handful of soap, making sure to wait for the complete dissolution before adding the remaining part. Stir with a wooden spoon and add the baking soda until the mixture thickens. At this point remove it from the heat and pour the mixture into a bucket with a liter of previously heated water, then mix. Add another 3 and a half liters of water, always stirring thoroughly. Leave to rest overnight, then pour the mixture into a vial and store it. You can use this mixture by rubbing the walls of the oven with a sponge, or you can leave the mixture for one hour and then remove it with a wet sponge. You can use this detergent also to clean the laundry and stove, but also the dishes.

Clean the stove in a natural way

To degrease the stove and eliminate the oily molecules on the surface, you can use the same methods listed above to clean the oven. Cleaning the stove is certainly a simpler job, we advise you to avoid the chemicals and use the natural methods described above, certainly will also be useful for the problematic encrustations. Go ahead then to bicarbonate, salt, lemon vinegar with a proper specification, the best cleanser remains elbow grease.

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