Used mainly to guarantee comfort to the residents, who can take their shoes inside the environments, without suffering with thermal discomforts, for example. But when you install a carpet, you have to worry about its constant maintenance, as the carpets can accumulate dust and dirt that is harmful to the health of the whole family.

Daily care such as the use of a vacuum cleaner in  carpet cleaning  is important, however, not enough to ensure proper sanitation of the place.
Therefore, it is important to invest in hiring a company that specializes in this type of service, at least once a year. The process is used to loosen and eliminate various types of dirt that are normally impregnated in carpets. Some, like animal hair, dust and other types of unhygienic items can be found and released as we walk through the material or perform any other type of activity that displaces this type of pollution, which can harm our health.

With  carpet cleaning  performed by a specialized team, using special formulas for each type of carpet, it is possible to end these bacteria, in addition to cleaning all the pollutants, even if they are deeply attached, since there are equipment with high vacuum powers which are used exactly for this.

With this, it is also gained in the useful life of the carpet, because some types of pollutants directly affect the fiber of the item, being able to anticipate the time of the removal and exchange of the material.

Performing a   thorough carpet cleaning once a year, as previously mentioned, is necessary in environments with little movement of people, since traffic is a factor that directly influences the amount of dirt that accumulates. But the ideal is to consult a specialized company so that the professionals study the flow and the need of  carpet cleaning  of each environment, because, where there is more movement, the greater the need for a professional washing.
But, the maintenance between each  carpet cleaning is also essential to ensure the hygiene and shelf life of carpets. Ideally they should be vacuumed 3 times a week, however, more procedures may be required depending on the movement of people or pets in these spaces.

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