Cleaning Services – Cleaning Powder
One of the most common tasks in cleaning services is cleaning the powder. Dust exists in any home and cleaning dust is one of the most common tasks of any cleaning service.
If the powder is not regularly cleaned, it accumulates on flat surfaces and everywhere, being a source of disease. Dusty surfaces are unpleasant to the eye in addition to
facilitating the growth of mites. Over time, the powder can still cause damage to surfaces such as frames, shelves and other objects. Dust is one of the leading causes of
allergies and breathing problems for many people. If the powder is regularly cleaned with each cleaning service, you can ensure the protection of your family members and avoid
undesirable damage on the various surfaces.
Why dust cleaning services?
The dust of a house is quite harmful. It consists of human skin cells, tissue fibers, animal dander, dust mite excreta, various types of normal particles, pollen and miscellaneous
waste of reduced size.
For people suffering from allergies, dust mites are the worst part of the dust. In general, sneezing when we breathe air contaminated with household dust results from irritation
that may be indicative of allergies and reactions to dust mite excreta. The mites are microscopic creatures with bodies like small spiders that are found in any home. Mites prefer
carpets, mattresses and upholstered furniture and thrive best in humid and hot conditions. Dust mites feed on human skin and the mite waste is highly allergenic (capable of
causing allergic reactions). These residues are so dangerous that they continue to cause allergic symptoms even after the death of the mites that produced them. A proper
cleaning service is essential to remove all dust accumulated in order to guarantee the safety of the spaces for all its users. With regular powder cleaning you are promoting a
healthy environment in your home and reducing allergy problems.
What is the easiest way to clean the powder in cleaning services?
One of the quickest and easiest ways to clean your home’s powder is to use a microfiber cloth . Microfibers are also safer and healthier than traditional chemical sprays or soggy
cloths. When using a microfiber cloth to clean your home’s dust, you will only need the cloth itself without having to purchase any cleaning product. With a microfiber cloth such
as those used by Prime Clean in your dust-cleaning services, which effectively and deeply cleans surfaces by holding the powder in the fabric instead of spreading it. Using the
cleaning with a microfiber cloth and the cloths Greenbear or VipDomoteccan remove dust from surfaces and up to 97.8% of bacteria without the need to resort to any toxic
product. It will suffice to have a microfiber cloth to start cleaning the dust in your home. Microfibre cloths can be used dry or wet (wet). In dry cleaning, the microfibers literally
retain the powder; the wet absorb about eight times more water than the common cleaning cloths, allowing a more efficient cleaning in depth. Relying on quality microfiber cloths
for dust cleaning service is the best alternative.
At Prime Clean we use only GreenBear and VipDomotec cloths because they have an excellent quality / price relation to their durability.

Why does Microfiber ensure a more efficient cleaning service?
Microfiber cleaning cloths are a great choice because they grab and hold large amounts of powder without releasing it into the air. The microfiber material is made of polyester
and polyamide. Each fiber is 100 times thinner than a human hair. The unique fabric of this material allows to hold dust better than any other cleaning cloth on other material.
Each fiber has small hooks and ties that enter the surfaces of the materials and remove the waste. The powder is collected and stored in the fabric, leaving behind a scratch-free
and shiny surface with little or no residue. Microfibres clean and polish materials at the same time, making them an excellent alternative to cleaning. Another advantage is the
ability of the microfibers to accumulate static charges which further facilitate the retention of the powder in the fabric. These fillers help pull even the finest powder particles away
from them. The combined power of the hundreds of thousands of fibers per square centimeter and the static charges they create make microfibre cloths unmatched in their
ability to remove dust and tools essential for cleaning services.
If you are not using microfibre cloths, it is time to change and start using them, you will find that your household cleaning service will be facilitated. If you do not have the time to clean, then do not hesitate to contact us.