Ever wondered about the amount of chemicals, often toxic, present in the cleaning products you use in your home?

Often we do not realize that seemingly harmless products, such as detergent, can have a great impact on our health and nature. Against this, using environment-friendly cleaning products at the time of cleaning helps greatly reduce their impacts.

A variety of elements can be extracted from nature and give rise to products to clean your home more sustainably. Its components are biodegradable and organic, so do not leave toxic waste.

They are simple products such as eucalyptus, lemon, baking soda and orange peels which, when used correctly, are as efficient as industrialized cleansers.

In addition to being simple and very efficient, using eco-friendly cleaning products brings a variety of benefits to you and the environment.

The following are the main benefits of sustainable cleaning. Take a life less artificial and more environmentally friendly! Check out:


Conventional cleaning products, for the most part, mix a variety of non-biodegradable chemical compounds. When they are discarded by the drain, they stop at water courses, which can contaminate both soil and water, killing animals, plants and lowering water quality.

So by using nature in house cleaning, you will be contributing to reducing pollution of rivers and soil.


Ecological cleaning products are also better for our health.

This is because many of the chemical compounds present in industrialized, even in low concentrations, can attack our skin, nails and mucous membranes. They may even cause respiratory allergies. Stay tuned.

So always opt for the natural!


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