Floor cleaning covers a wide range of material types, sizes and soiling. RP Clean  has excellence in cleaning, revitalizing and restoring floors, working with all types of flooring, from large commercial premises to small residential spaces.

RP Clean floor cleaning services are characterized by the use of state-of-the-art products and machinery that allow a deep cleaning and revitalization of the floor. The process includes, where necessary, the removal of surface coatings and the application of new sealants or varnishes.

All successful business establishments have to comply with national hygiene rules and health and safety standards. The presentation is also an important factor for the good performance of the companies and for the increase of the quality of life in the residences. That’s why RP Clean specialist support in floor cleaning is necessary periodically to achieve better results.

The skill and determination of RP Clean floor cleaning team in achieving a remarkable transformation of your floor, both in visual and performance terms, is unparalleled. RP Clean floor cleaning is nationally recognized for its excellence in the field, since our professionals have an ongoing commitment to performance and customer service.


RP Clean floor cleaning prolongs the life of the floor and restores a new appearance to the environment. Our floor cleaning teams work at scheduled times, even outside of business hours, to better serve you.

With RP Clean revolutionary floor cleaning system, we restore the natural appearance of the coatings by leaving them as new and shiny. RP Clean floor cleaning techniques can often avoid the need for invasive procedures such as grinding, recapping or even removal of the old floor.

Once the professional cleaning of the floor is carried out a process of continuous protection of the coating obtained with sealer, waxes or waterproofing is carried out. Surface sealing is effective in preventing permanent damage from the entry of contaminants, such as food or liquids.

A clean floor can be especially important when trying to portray an image of professionalism and seriousness. A professional floor cleaning company can often achieve great results with regular visits, even just one visit can often produce significant improvements to the environment.

As surprising as it sounds, hiring cleaning services can be an effective way to save yourself large sums of money by focusing companies on the specific areas of your business.

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